The Book & Audio Sessions

Have you ever experienced that uplifting feeling that you get when someone gives you a genuine complement? If every morning that you woke up you were surrounded by people telling you how fantastic you are, don’t you think you would start to believe it eventually?

There is a real power in words which is why mp3s and CDs can be so effective. Not just for the ideas they contain, but for the persuasive influence they have when you listen to them, over and over again.

About The Book

It takes at least three weeks of applying a new behaviour to establish a new habit. After that, you don’t have to think about it and it just becomes automatic.

You don’t just stop the obvious symptoms like panic attacks and poor sleep, you need to peel away the longer term worries and anxieties. Better yet, you need to build up hope, confidence and expectation for your future success.

You need to stop thinking about the past and start concentrating on the future.

It’s all about living for your dreams and not slowly dying in the past. Not held back and crippled by ways of thinking that are left over from your past misfortunes.

It is a lot easier than you think. The human mind is stronger and more versatile than you might ever have imagined.

The Audio Sessions

11 recorded sessions that will work on your subconscious and build on the skills you develop using the guide.


2 Sessions


2 Sessions


2 Sessions


3 sessions


2 sessions


  • Discover a powerful supportive voice in your mind when you think.
  • Learn how take away the power of a panic attack and eventually eliminate them altogether.
  • Train yourself to focus on uplifting and happy thoughts and prevent negative thinking.
  • Start to take risks again and try new things in your life.
  • Escape from the old patterns of obsessive worrying.
  • Develop a positive outlook for the future


Sit back, relax and discover how easily you can drift into a deeply calm and relaxing state of mind.

40 minutes of this deep relaxation is the equivalent of several hours sleep.

The combination of simple harmonic music, human heart beat, binaural tone technology and the guidance of a trained hypnotic voice will deeply relax anyone and you will find that you awake thoroughly refreshed.


The first session is designed to help you change your old patterns of thinking and eliminate ambiguous thoughts. Depressive thinking has three characteristics when a bad event occurs:

  • It is taken very personally
  • It is assumed that it applies generally and not just to that one event
  • It has always been that way and always will; there is no time limitation.

It will help you to overcome these ways of thinking and open you up to the possibilities

Learn how to recognise ambiguous events.

Be careful of your own tendency to take everything personally and not objectively.

Allow you to be comfortable not knowing something, not having to know something for certain, to tolerate ambiguity.

The second session builds positive expectation for the future; that life is really going to turn out well.

Sleep Problems

Look forward to going to bed every night. Let your unconscious mind take back control with these powerful hypnotic sessions. Uses brainwave training technology to ensure the suggestions are delivered deep into your unconscious.

You may not remember learning to sleep as a baby, but you did, successfully and it is all stored away in your mind. You can automatically refocus your thoughts so you do not lie in bed at night with your mind wandering, worrying and going in circles. You can rediscover that your sleep environment is a calm relaxing place to be. Let your unconscious mind deal with it all and fall to sleep soundly every night.


Confidence & Social Anxiety

You will discover new ways of directing your thoughts away from your social worries and develop more confident ways of behaving in social situations. You will find yourself thinking about how other people feel rather than focusing too much on your own feelings.

Have you ever had someone say that you should “feel more confident” as if it was a command to be obeyed and wondered what they meant exactly? I’ve read this and I have heard therapists say this and you have to worry that any professional thinks that is OK. If it was as easy as saying to someone ‘you are feeling more confident’ then we’d all do it.

Of course, you can build confidence by manipulating your own thoughts and memories. It is a very personal thing. When you listen to the recorded sessions, you will understand how obvious it really is. Some people do this automatically almost from the day they were born. Again, this is something you can learn easily and keep doing every day even when you are simply walking down the street.

The therapy sessions on these recordings are designed to help you to think differently in all social situations and build social confidence. They are designed to be listened to over and over, allowing your own imagination to explore new possibilities.

listen To A Few Audio Recordings Each Week And Do Some Simple Exercises For A Few Minutes Each Day

1 Learn some new skills that will help you deal directly with the physical and mental stresses of your anxiety

2 Reinforce what you are learning by listening to the recorded sessions

3 Build everything you learn into regular daily habits that, eventually, you will be totally unaware that you are doing

How would you stop a child being afraid of the dark?

I don’t think any of us would suggest locking them in a darkened room. Probably, you would gradually turn the lights down over a few days or weeks and then leave the door open with the light on outside and gradually allow the door to become more closed.

This is probably the best way to deal with most fears and phobias. Complete immersion or flooding (all terms for throwing yourself in at the deep end and facing up directly to your fears) are not recommended. Certainly not at first, though there will be moments when you will have to take a stride in this direction. A high proportion of people who do bungie jumps and parachute jumps for the first time are facing up to a fear of heights, though I doubt whether many of them would say afterwards that ‘cured’ them.

As adults we work things through more logically than that child in the dark room. Fear is much more emotional and emotions need to be handled with care.

  • Permanently eliminate panic attacks, phobias, worries, obsessions and compulsions.
  • Stop feeling afraid
  • Stop constantly worrying about your health
  • Build new confidence so that you can get back to building a successful life
  • Relax quickly and deeply with a variety of hypnotic and physical techniques
  • Stop the endless worrying by dealing with all of your problems effectively
  • Remain calm in very stressful situations
  • Stop going over and over the same thoughts so you can concentrate on what matters.
  • Learn not to blame yourself and not to take anything too personally.
  • Feel comfortable not knowing all the answers.
  • Become drug free – reduce and then eliminate any dependency on anxiety medications
  • Improve your health and fitness and increase energy levels
  • Discover a deep state of calm and strength that you can call upon whenever you need it.
  • Feel confident in any public or social situations.
  • Stop avoiding people, places and events because you are afraid.
  • Return to a full and active life, free of worry and stress
  • Stop feeling isolated and angry because people around you do not understand

Build Good Habits – Learn From The Experts

I’d like you to spend a moment and think about times that you have visited peoples’ homes. How tidy were they? Did they organise their lives and have everything sorted carefully into the right place? Or were their homes cluttered and disorganised. Probably a habit learned while they were growing up; some people just learned to be tidy while others never did.

I’d like to suggest that it is the same with our thoughts. The more organised and planned they are then the easier it is to understand what is going on and to get things done.

There is a strong link between anxiety and disorganised thinking. There is nothing wrong with this way of thinking and it is perhaps the source of a great deal of creativity, but if you are in the grips of a severe anxiety this is not much comfort. Fortunately it is never too late to learn how to change this and we have included some valuable techniques to help create new more useful ways of thinking and noticing what is going on around you.

Some people overcompensate for this disorganised way of thinking and in an attempt to order the world around them they can become quite obsessive. Again this is easy to overcome and we have included simple techniques to make this happen.