What Do You Need To Change Your Life?

Anxiety disorders are all 100% treatable. They are well understood and there is a whole range of different techniques you can use to overcome any anxiety problems. Nobody needs to live with this life altering condition any longer.

This proven self help system is not just about eliminating anxiety. Once the anxiety is gone, it is about growing habits and ways of thinking that prevent it from ever happening again. It is also about giving you the skills to control and order your life without having to think about it.

Anxiety can be eliminated without drugs or expensive psychoanalysis

3 out of 4 of us will suffer anxiety and depression during our lifetimes. 1 in 8 will suffer severe anxiety. You can make simple changes to your daily life that can completely eliminate panic attacks, anxiety and the causes of anxiety. You can then go on to build skills that will help you in all areas of your life.

  • Fix your sleeping problems
  • Greatly reduce stress and worry
  • Add variety and adventure to your life
  • Learn some great tricks to help your social life
  • Find out how Harvard professors solve problems
  • Improve your health and fitness
  • Stop any dependence on drugs
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What We Offer

The Guide

This is an electronic book (e-book) that can be downloaded to your computer/device. Which means you can start immediately without needing to talk with anyone or spend silly amounts of money on therapy.

Audio Sessions

Includes a series of recorded therapy sessions to help you in several areas including:
Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Problems, Relaxation & Confidence


If, at any time, you need assistance or advice on anything in the guide or the audio sessions, then please email us and we will get back to you quickly.


Don’t worry, if for any reason you’re not happy with the content or cannot use it for any reason, then you have a complete no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

Case History

Permission has been granted to reproduce these case histories. Names and places have been changed to respect patient confidentiality.

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Cups of Coffee

All Anxiety Is Treatable

The first and most important thing that you have to understand is that all anxiety is completely treatable. That’s a big claim, but there are a number of programs available on the internet now that work very well and at our clinic in London we have had excellent results. There is absolutely no reason to continue suffering.

Anxiety is not a mental illness or a disability, it is a state of mind that can be permanently eliminated with some simple but consistent changes in your daily life.

Most long term anxiety sufferers I meet know everything there is to know about their condition. What I would like to say to you is that the cause of your anxiety is not part of the treatment. It helps that you understand how it happened because it is always good to have reasons. However, it is important to realise that the past is not the future, that you are not ill, just a victim of circumstances.


Fight or Flight Response

You may have heard about the amygdala region of the brain and how it controls whether we stand and fight or run away in the event of a dangerous situation. The idea with anxiety is that this area of the brain is ‘badly tuned’ and misfires too early, releasing hormones like adrenaline and cortisone into the blood to give you energy to fight or run with no good reason. What you experience are all the symptoms of an anxiety/panic attack with no obvious reason as to why.

This ‘hair trigger’ can be reset so that normal reactions can be reinstated.

What To Expect

  • Permanently eliminate panic attacks, phobias, worries, obsessions and compulsions.
  • Stop feeling afraid
  • Stop constantly worrying about your health
  • Build new confidence so that you can get back to building a successful life
  • Relax quickly and deeply with a variety of hypnotic and physical techniques
  • Stop the endless worrying by dealing with all of your problems effectively
  • Remain calm in very stressful situations
  • Stop going over and over the same thoughts so you can concentrate on what matters.
  • Learn not to blame yourself and not to take anything too personally.
  • Feel comfortable not knowing all the answers.
  • Become drug free – reduce and then eliminate any dependency on anxiety medications
  • Improve your health and fitness and increase energy levels
  • Discover a deep state of calm and strength that you can call upon whenever you need it.
  • Feel confident in any public or social situations.
  • Stop avoiding people, places and events because you are afraid.
  • Return to a full and active life, free of worry and stress
  • Stop feeling isolated and angry because people around you do not understand

What Makes This Program Different?
Will It Work For Me?

This anxiety program has evolved from successful work with many chronic anxiety sufferers. Of those people that followed the program completely, around 92% successfully eliminated chronic anxiety from their lives.

Designed For Anxiety Sufferers – By Anxiety Sufferers

We took every bit of feedback that we got over five years from our paying clients. In many ways they developed this program and we would like to continue to expand our program with your help.

So please, if you can spare the time from your busy lives, please let us know what worked best for you. Let us know anything that you discover, once you understand how effective these simple techniques can really be.


Have you ever experienced that uplifting feeling that you get when someone gives you a genuine complement? If every morning that you woke up you were surrounded by people telling you how fantastic you are, don’t you think you would start to believe it eventially?

There is a real power in words which is why tapes and CDs can be so effective. Not just for the ideas they contain, but for the persuasive influence they have when you listen to them, over and over again.

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